Network and Systems Security Testing

This is a three-in-one service that looks at Network penetration testing, Web application testing and End user testing.
This annual security plan will offer:
•    Proactive enterprise security testing.
•    Visibility into your organization’s IT risks, revealing critical exposures on a regular basis.
•    Assessment of where mission-critical systems and data can be exploited by cyber criminals
•    perform internal security self-assessment as frequently as your environments demand, creating a repeatable process that allows you to actively measure and benchmark security posture on an ongoing basis
•    Penetration testing, so your security team can better monitor, benchmark and remediate exploitable weaknesses.
•    Testing the effectiveness of web application firewalls (WAFS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and data leakage prevention (DLP) systems.
•    Provision of actionable data that your security team need to immediately address their most significant exposures, which is vital to defending against cyber attacks
•    Our consultants will help your IT staff to expose vulnerabilities, measure operational risk and assure security effectiveness
•    Assessment of the security of your network systems, endpoint systems, email users and web applications against complex threats.
Please note that the US Federal Government and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards mandate frequent penetration testing.