Network and Systems Security Testing

This is a three-in-one service that looks at Network penetration testing, Web application testing and End user testing.
This annual security plan will offer:
•    Proactive enterprise security testing.
•    Visibility into your organization’s IT risks, revealing critical exposure ...Read More

IT Security Standard ompliance facilitation
Business Continuity management System

Do your customers mean anything to your business?

Does the service you offer your customers mean much to them?

Wouldnt loss of your services affect your customers?

Would your business remain compliant to your customers service level agreements even in the event of a disaster?

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Cyber crime


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ICT Strategies

Does your Chief Executive feel IT?

Does your Chief Financial Officer agree with your IT Spend?

Are all your heads of department supporting you on your budget proposals?

Are your internal and extenal customers smiling with you?

How effective is yoour service support and service delivery?

Let us help you

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IT Policies

Is your IT department runing without IT policies?

Have your IT policies been accepted by the organization?

Are your staff second guessing what to do and what not to do?

what is the penetration rate of your IT policies?

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Corperate training